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Industries Served

We specialize in services to the following customer segments:


 We service both small and large educational institutions, and are familiar with the types of wastes generated in higher education, including research laboratories. Our experienced personnel are aware of and accustomed to the security concerns on campus and are able to address these issues while performing work that is often sensitive in nature. We offer lab pack services,  disposal of maintenance chemicals, universal waste management, regulatory compliance and cleaning acid neutralization systems.



We understand that patient care is your first responsibility, and navigating through complex regulatory requirements can make your work harder.  Our staff has experience assisting healthcare facilities, whether large or small, with management of their pharmaceutical wastes chemotherapeutic wastes, laboratory specimens and universal wastes.


Life Sciences

From a one lab startup to a multinational manufacturer, we offer services to fit your ever-changing needs. We help manage waste created from research labs,  , product recalls, off-specification materials, laboratory moves and warehouse clean-outs.



Compliance is a moving target in a busy industrial setting.  Our dedicated staff will assist you with pinpointing your needs and delivering cost-effective solutions. Recycling, resource recovery, plant clean-ups, and production waste disposal are some of the services we offer our industrial clients.